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Thursday, February 5, 2009

DLF IPL Cricket 2009 LOGO

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DLF IPL Cricket was launched in 2008 and was welcomed by everyone with great enthusiasm and now it’s time for its season two. DLF IPL or Indian Premier League 2009 second season will kick off on April 10th and will continue to make cricket lovers crazy till May 29th, 2009.

DLF IPL Cricket 2009 LOGO sports a batsman sweeping a great shot. On the right hand side there is the DLF, the official sponsor’s name and above it the year 2009. Last, but not the least, the name of the series, Indian Premier League written in capitals below DLF. DLF IPL Cricket 2009 LOGO seems simple enough but catchy for the cricket lovers.

Established by BCCI in 2007, Indian Premier League or IPL will have the same format and structure in season two as it was in season one. There will be in all eight franchises that will first compete against each other and then the top four teams will play the two semi-finals and the top two teams out of them will decide who will win IPL Cricket 2009 in the finals.

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