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Saturday, February 14, 2009

Pakistani Players Banned from IPL Cricket 2009

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The latest news in IPL Cricket 2009 Season 2 is that this time the Pakistani players will be banned to play in IPL. This ban has not been imposed on the Pakistani players but by the Pakistani Cricket Board due to their concerns for security of their players.

Recently, Saleem Altaf, PCB chief operating officer said, “The foreign ministry had written to the board advising it not to send Pakistani players to India for any IPL event.” "We have informed the IPL and Indian board that our players can't take part in the IPL this year," Altaf told Reuters.

"The sports ministry said it would give clearance but the foreign ministry has told us it would not be advisable to send players to India at this time," Altaf said. Last year in IPL Cricket 2008, dozen of Pakistani players were auctioned for different franchises but this time, IPL Cricket 2009 will miss to see Pakistani players play in India.

All this is an outcome or a sort of concern from Pakistan’s side, the country alleged for sending terrorists in India for November 26th, 2008 Mumbai attack.

In IPL Cricket 2008, Pakistani players were a great attention but now, they will be replaced by England players who were not in IPL Cricket 2008 Seasons 1.

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